Saturday, August 28, 2010

PS3 died ;_; R.I.P.

Well i turned my ps3 on this morning hoping to be able to play some MW2 while having some breakfast and as I load the game my ps3 freezes. I restart the ps3 and repeat the same process then ti freezes again, and as dumb as i am i keep repeating this for 2 more times each time getting farther into the intro of the game but soon enough it gets YLOD after the 4th attempt. The infamous YLOD.....WHY MEEE btw my ps3 is an original 60gb model from launch and i heard these get it more often then any other model, oh well i guess it was a matter of time. I'm looking for places/people who can fix this besides sony because i know they wil overcharge me and i will lose my downloadable content that i had.

 :/ so guys leave a comment with any suggestions as to what i could do would be greatly appreciated or anything else u wanna say kthxbai


  1. Sorry to hear that bro. Just stopping by to check out all of your blog for today. Hope you can stop by mine too. =)

  2. Crysis 2 on the PC, fuck yer!