Friday, August 27, 2010

UFC 118 Predictions

Tommorow is ufc 118!!! im pretty excited for this card as there is many fights mostly for the non-main events tho but either way i cant wait to see, so this is my predictions of the fights.

Nick Diaz vs Marcus Davis
Im going to love watching this fight mostly because im not much of a Nick Diaz fan and want to see him get possibly get KOd by Davis. On the feet i'd say Marcus should be better but Diaz has a good chin. Should the fight go to the ground Diaz will hav the upper hand.
tl:dr Marcus if he can keep it standing up

Kenny Florian vs Gray Maynard
Another great fight im looking forward to which could be fight of teh night. Both guys are well rounded so neither has a much more significant advantage in one area.Their styles however are pretty opposite with Maynard being kind of a brawler vs Kenny who is precise and quick then on the ground its wrestling vs jujitsu  so the fight will be close
tl:dr Kenny by decision

Randy Couture vs James Toney
This fight will be fun but its like watching kimbo slice fight you know you just wanna see him get killed by a real mma fighter. Toney just hyped this fight up but i do give the guy a chance by saying i do believe anything can happen and he might back up what he says and KO Randy if Randy doesnt take him down in time. (btw Randy should retire he's done enuf in this sport and will only get hurt if he continues to fight IMO )
tl:dr Randy by decision or possibly TKO if he can do enough damage

Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn 
I think Edgar did win the first fight and i also think BJ should quit bitching about it saying he "stole" the victory. Its gonna be really close like last tiem but i think BJ took Edgar too lightly last time and is gonna come out better then ever. As much as i want Edgar to remain champion just to shut him up i believe BJ will come back and take his belt
tl:dr BJ Penn by.......IDK BJ is really versatile and who knows what he's gonna do but i feel he will finish Edgar

so yea thats it i'll be watching this in the theater tomorrow and will post results/thoughts you can comment with your own predictions or if u feel im wrong about a certain fight and remember to click on teh adz so i can make moneyz kthxbai.



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  6. Randy Couture's gonna win the circle bro