Saturday, August 28, 2010

UFC 118 Results

Great fights tonight and i had a blast watching it on the big screen. I was surprised by a couple of them and this was overall a solid card even though there wasn't a really spectacular KO or anything. So ill get right into it

Nate Diaz vs Marcus Diaz
I was very surprised by this fight in that Davis was outclassed on his feet. I gotta say Diaz used his reach effectively and caused a huge cut over Davis's eye that helped him dominate him.
-Diaz won by unanimous decision

Kenny Florian vs Gray Maynard
Gray Maynard fought a very intelligent fight and used his wrestling to bully Florian around. Florian should have used his jab a lot more and he could have done better but Gray is tough and got a well deserved victory
-Gray by unanimous decision

Randy Couture vs James Toney
I loled at this fight even though i give Toney credit for stepping up and having a puncher's chance but Randy worked his plan perfectly and pulled a nice arm triangle in first round. Nice fight for Randy but i STILL think he should retire.
-Randy by Arm Triangle in first round

Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn
DAMN Edgar looked good tonight he certainly proved the nonbelievers wrong and completely outclassed a BJ who looked like he gave up during the fight. In first round Frankie got 2 takedowns and landed nice shots. The other rounds were a lot of the same just Edgar out striking BJ and using his wrestling to get out of a couple sticky situations. I'm glad i was wrong and Frankie finally proved he is a true champ hope to see him have a god fight with Maynard next
-Edgar by unanimous decision 


  1. def a suprise to me
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