Thursday, September 9, 2010

Haven't been posting much lately :/

I've been really busy this past 2 weeks and still am,so sorry if i don't post much but ill get a few in this weekend and see what happens after

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

UFC 119 Hype Video

I love watching these fan-made hype videos that people on youtube make they are awesome. NicktheFace2 and Kirbylovesyummytacos make the best ones on youtube look up their channels and watch the others. This one here is for the next ppv event and i will post predictions/resulats for it but first there is a fight night on the 15th. I may or may not post predictions simply because i find the card rather dull but still expect anything to happen. I've decided to focus more on MMA on this blog because its easier for me to post about but I'll still post other interesting unrelated stuff every now and then. Well thats all for now enjoy the vid guys later ^__^

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bill Burr on Letterman

Another funny video this time from one of my favorite comedians and one who is underrated imo bill burr doing stand up on letterman. Its not too long and definitely worth the laughs so check it out this guy is hilarious :D.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Oh god i'm still laughing so hard at this its hilarious not much else to be said but i guess this is natural selection at work. If you have a funny vid go ahead n post a link so u can spread the lulz.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

UFC 118 Results

Great fights tonight and i had a blast watching it on the big screen. I was surprised by a couple of them and this was overall a solid card even though there wasn't a really spectacular KO or anything. So ill get right into it

Nate Diaz vs Marcus Diaz
I was very surprised by this fight in that Davis was outclassed on his feet. I gotta say Diaz used his reach effectively and caused a huge cut over Davis's eye that helped him dominate him.
-Diaz won by unanimous decision

Kenny Florian vs Gray Maynard
Gray Maynard fought a very intelligent fight and used his wrestling to bully Florian around. Florian should have used his jab a lot more and he could have done better but Gray is tough and got a well deserved victory
-Gray by unanimous decision

Randy Couture vs James Toney
I loled at this fight even though i give Toney credit for stepping up and having a puncher's chance but Randy worked his plan perfectly and pulled a nice arm triangle in first round. Nice fight for Randy but i STILL think he should retire.
-Randy by Arm Triangle in first round

Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn
DAMN Edgar looked good tonight he certainly proved the nonbelievers wrong and completely outclassed a BJ who looked like he gave up during the fight. In first round Frankie got 2 takedowns and landed nice shots. The other rounds were a lot of the same just Edgar out striking BJ and using his wrestling to get out of a couple sticky situations. I'm glad i was wrong and Frankie finally proved he is a true champ hope to see him have a god fight with Maynard next
-Edgar by unanimous decision 

PS3 died ;_; R.I.P.

Well i turned my ps3 on this morning hoping to be able to play some MW2 while having some breakfast and as I load the game my ps3 freezes. I restart the ps3 and repeat the same process then ti freezes again, and as dumb as i am i keep repeating this for 2 more times each time getting farther into the intro of the game but soon enough it gets YLOD after the 4th attempt. The infamous YLOD.....WHY MEEE btw my ps3 is an original 60gb model from launch and i heard these get it more often then any other model, oh well i guess it was a matter of time. I'm looking for places/people who can fix this besides sony because i know they wil overcharge me and i will lose my downloadable content that i had.

 :/ so guys leave a comment with any suggestions as to what i could do would be greatly appreciated or anything else u wanna say kthxbai

Friday, August 27, 2010

UFC 118 Predictions

Tommorow is ufc 118!!! im pretty excited for this card as there is many fights mostly for the non-main events tho but either way i cant wait to see, so this is my predictions of the fights.

Nick Diaz vs Marcus Davis
Im going to love watching this fight mostly because im not much of a Nick Diaz fan and want to see him get possibly get KOd by Davis. On the feet i'd say Marcus should be better but Diaz has a good chin. Should the fight go to the ground Diaz will hav the upper hand.
tl:dr Marcus if he can keep it standing up

Kenny Florian vs Gray Maynard
Another great fight im looking forward to which could be fight of teh night. Both guys are well rounded so neither has a much more significant advantage in one area.Their styles however are pretty opposite with Maynard being kind of a brawler vs Kenny who is precise and quick then on the ground its wrestling vs jujitsu  so the fight will be close
tl:dr Kenny by decision

Randy Couture vs James Toney
This fight will be fun but its like watching kimbo slice fight you know you just wanna see him get killed by a real mma fighter. Toney just hyped this fight up but i do give the guy a chance by saying i do believe anything can happen and he might back up what he says and KO Randy if Randy doesnt take him down in time. (btw Randy should retire he's done enuf in this sport and will only get hurt if he continues to fight IMO )
tl:dr Randy by decision or possibly TKO if he can do enough damage

Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn 
I think Edgar did win the first fight and i also think BJ should quit bitching about it saying he "stole" the victory. Its gonna be really close like last tiem but i think BJ took Edgar too lightly last time and is gonna come out better then ever. As much as i want Edgar to remain champion just to shut him up i believe BJ will come back and take his belt
tl:dr BJ Penn by.......IDK BJ is really versatile and who knows what he's gonna do but i feel he will finish Edgar

so yea thats it i'll be watching this in the theater tomorrow and will post results/thoughts you can comment with your own predictions or if u feel im wrong about a certain fight and remember to click on teh adz so i can make moneyz kthxbai.

Pokemon green version lavander town music rumor

It is said that this music only found in green version can make little kids have headaches, stomach aches, and even cases of suicide, WTF. In the description found in the video you can see the whole story behind this rumor. I haven't felt anything but my head feels a little light now after hearing it the third time in a row (i liek the music tho o.0)

Hey everyone read this!!!!!

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